Get Started Sessions

tai chi class

At Seacoast Tai-Chi Institute everyone is welcome to jump into any all level class and start their own personal practice. However, everyone’s expectations are different.

We recommend private sessions prior to your open group sessions. Sessions are determined by the individual’s ability to learn at their pace.  Private sessions will help interpret the required basics for your personal Tai Chi practice. You will receive full individual coaching; focus and attention that prepares you for your strong foundation needed when learning the internal forms. Full time private lesson members meets weekly. You’ll have the privilege to attend an open group class without an additional monthly fee. You can  choose a 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes lessons to fit your budget. The more you attend regularly. You will soon get ahead.

If you are not able to afford recommended privates sessions, simply join in the all level open group class. You will get acquainted and get started the same way as well! The all level class is like an open gym led by the instructor for all members to gathered, to train and learn from each other in a controlled environment. So, let us know how you would best like to begin your training!

All students enter at their own physical and intellectual level no matter which class they try out. One class may not accurately determine your desired outcome. Patience is a virtue when correctly learning Tai-Chi. Traditionally it takes months to develop your practice and a lifetime to live by your expectations.

Therefore, the Get Started Sessions program is designed to help the student who would like to explore our Martial Arts, mind/body classes but not sure how to go about it. We suggest private sessions or attending at least one or two classes per week and you will begin your new journey to learning the internal practice of Tai-Chi Chuan. Book your classes today and start your new experience now!