Tai-Chi Sword Fencing

All Level Tai-Chi Sword Fencing Program

Tai Chi Fencing is an exciting combat practice that dates back to Chinese 7th century BCE. The object of fencing is to effectively apply the classic movements using the Tai-Chi “Jian” one handed double edge straight sword. Based on traditional martial arts, weapons training is the extension of the body.
Tai-Chi Sword is a traditional art form; an ancient symbol of power and admiration, is deeply personal; an individual’s form of expression. Sword practice requires dexterity, stamina and endurance exercises. Tai-Chi Fencing primarily engages with a partner often involves using a wooden practice long sword and requires high concentration of the mind and body for an intensive workout.
● Participants will be training with a solid wooden practice Tai-Chi fencing sword.
● Program includes qigong exercises, traditional Yang form, fencing drills and supervised free sparring.

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