Tai-Chi Forms

Tai-Chi Chuan “Superior Ultimate Shadow Boxing”


Tai-Chi Chuan consists of a series of dynamic soft
movements and postures centered on the theory
of Yin-Yang.

Shadow Boxing is the practice of perfecting or refining concentrated, controlled body movements, postures and steps. Traditional training requires “forms practice”.

“Forms practice” is a series of fluid movements and postures. Each form defined characterizes a specific intention.

The movements are meditative so that the practitioner can focus on internalizing the correct idea between executing postures or before delivering a pre-meditative goal.

The methodology of each posture represents a defensive or offensive action that is controlled, subdued and deliberate.

Involved are elements of balance, breath and aligning your center.

Consequently, with daily practice, health and vitality improves therefore increasing longevity.

An important part of the meditative practice of Shadow Boxing is for individuals to approach an altered state of consciousness with caution. This deep mind set is required for the conceptualization of Internal Martial Arts.

Once this altered state is acquired and one is perfectly relaxed, one can possess the ability to skillfully deliver or respond to each situation.

With “forms practice” one can overcome awkwardness and perform with grace the true nature of Tai-Chi Chuan – Superior Ultimate Shadow Boxing.

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