Asian Bodywork – Alternative Rehab For Rapid Recovery


Tui-Na is a Chinese healing practice naturally applying external methods comprised of massage, acupressure and traction.Tui-Na (Asian Bodywork Therapy)

Here are other applications that can enhance a client’s healing in each session.

Qigong Healing/ Energy Medicine/ Energy Work/ Medical Qigong Therapy
Cupping – Suction Therapy
Gua Sha – Detoxification Therapy
Moxibustion – Herbal Heat Therapy
Ankle & Foot Massage
Qigong Movement Exercises

Nicanor Snow A.B.T., Qg.T. ~ I specialize in treating all types of pain related conditions including symptoms of; skeletal joint dysfunction, spinal discomfort with pain, neck irritation and discomfort , back pain,  elbow disorder, shoulder injury, sciatic pain, achy hips, tired legs and numbness.

Also including; stress, headache, tired/low energy, low sex drive associated with pain in the body.

*Other Conditions Treated and Helped:

Sports Pain
Muscular and Joint Injuries
Neck & Spinal Tension
Lower Back & Legs Tension
Shortness of Breath
Arthritic Conditions
Digestion & Energy
Slowness & Heaviness
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Multiple Sclerosis

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Arthritis Pain Chart


Nicanor Snow is a very intuitive, knowledgeable and effective body worker and healer. He has extensive knowledge of Chinese medicine, how the body works and the energy pathways. His work is focused on whole health and what needs to be done to accomplish this. I highly recommend him!

Lynn T. ~ March 4, 2015

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