What is Tai Chi?

yinyang ball

● Tai-Chi is a Chinese martial arts system of slow meditative movements, disciplined postures and techniques designed with the practice of relaxation. It’s commonly known to physically recover balance, control anxiety and maintain excellent health. The true title of this practice is Tai-Chi Chuan”. Its literal definition is; “Superior-Ultimate Shadow Boxing”, a Taoist Martial Arts defense practice of mindful movements centered on the theory of Yin-Yang and duly cultivating Qi – bioelectric energy.
● Tai-Chi is a low impact exercise. which consists of a series of dynamic soft movements, drills and postures that culminate Qi. The mind and the body are trained to move freely through a relaxed state of mindful martial arts movements.
● Practicing Tai-Chi is a discipline, with daily practice, diligence and repetition Tai-Chi will generate power in the legs, maintaining the smooth function of the ligaments and organs, over all improve your vitality, health and endurance.
● At the Seacoast Tai-Chi Institute we are committed to teaching the traditional internal Yang family style Tai- Chi Chuan, Qigong healing.
● All instructions, private and group, are taught by Shifu-Nicanor Snow and his hand picked devoted students, who assist in group classes.
● Our traditional training approach is characterized by individualized attention, with emphasis on technique, personal development, integration of mind, body, internal energy practice and corrective postures.
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